Work Begins to Reduce Anti Social Behaviour on Huddersfield estate

Work has begun on a project to regenerate a Huddersfield estate after police, partners and residents joined forces to clean streets, sweep for knives, and reduce anti-social behaviour.

Kirklees Police and Safer Kirklees have pledged much more work is to follow on Huddersfield’s Walpole Estate after the first round in waves of planned activity took place earlier this month.

Officers from The Huddersfield NPT have been working closely with local schools to deter young people from getting involved in anti social behaviour.

They also took part in an operation in which areas known to be crime hotspots were swept for knives and discarded weapons.

PCSO performing a ‘Knife Sweep’

Local authority staff also engaged in a community clean up of streets in the area and have been working with police and neighbourhood watch partners to stage a series of community events.

A number of engagement events have now been held with residents in the area to ask what their immediate priorities are, see what can be done to tackle them in the short term, and then find long term solutions.

Insp Graham Dyson of the Huddersfield NPT, said: “As a partnership we are continuing to review issues that have previously been highlighted regarding Walpole.

“The engagement events have allowed us to get a true feel of what is happening and what is affecting local people.

“This has resulted in officers being able to identify problems whether they are of a criminal nature or not, and then work with partners to deal with the issues.

“A clean up would not be traditionally something that people would feel is part of Policing, however in the wider aspects of bringing a community together and working with partners to reduce crime and ASB it is essential. It allows my officers to get more involved with the community and also to complete other work including knife sweeps whilst working alongside partners.

“I would encourage residents from all communities to report issues as this allows officers to get the fullest picture of what is affecting residents and allows them to conduct partnership operations to tackle issues.”

Councillor Carole Pattison, Cabinet Member for Learning, Aspiration and Communities, said:  “The work that has been undertaken in recent weeks on the Walpole estate is just a start. Looking forward, Safer Kirklees will be working with residents and West Yorkshire Police to continue to identify the key issues that are important to the people living in the area. The community clean-up was a huge success not just because of the litter picked up but because it allowed staff to speak to residents and build relationships that will help us work together to benefit the area and the local community.

“Thank you to the residents of Walpole who are eager to engage with us to share ideas, provide honest feedback and get involved in these community activities.”

Anyone who has information or intelligence about ongoing criminal activity on the Walpole estate or elsewhere can contact West Yorkshire Police on 101 or online via the Contact Us page or at

Information can also always be given in complete anonymity to the independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

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