What a ducking mess!

Concerned residents are at the end of their tether with food waste being dumped at a Birkby wildlife spot.

Middlemost Pond is tucked away in the housing estate off Norman Road, in place of the old ASDA store. Originally a mill pond serving Clough House Mill, the pond is part of the Grimescar Valley ‘green corridor’, which is home to many varieties of wildlife. Due to the actions of an unidentified few, the four-legged, long-tailed and furry variety of wildlife is thriving in the area.

Photographs taken at the pond over recent days have been shared by Francesca, who has been seeing the piles of waste increasingly often. As can be seen in the pictures, this isn’t just a case of a few bits of bread for the pond’s feathered inhabitants. The ducks are being ‘treated’ to an array of junk food such as chips, burger buns and kebab meat. Not only does this food pose a health risk to the ducks, but the sheer volume of it has led to a marked increase in the local rat population. Oil from the fried food creates a slick that can be seen on the water’s surface, which can’t be any good for the water quality.

Photo taken just this morning at Middlemost Pond

The food is sometimes dumped around the edges of the pond and sometimes in the water itself. Just this morning, Francesca has sent more photographs of food that has been dumped since she was there yesterday, on top of a pile of mouldy bread and other items that were already there, half in and half out of the water.

A nearby resident claims to have seen a man drive up to the pond in a people carrier-type vehicle, who got out, dumped the food, and left. It is thought likely that the waste is coming from a takeaway or cafe, based on the volume and type of food that is being left.

Please be vigilant and keep your eyes open for any suspected fly-tipping or food-dumping. It’s possible that the person or people doing this believe that they are doing good by ‘giving’ this excess food to the ducks, but whether intentional or not, this needs to be stopped.

Some examples of what should and shouldn’t be fed to ducks

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