West Yorkshire Transport Committee develop ways to encourage people back to public transport

Members of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee are meeting on Friday to discuss ways in which people can be encouraged back onto public transport later in the year. 

At this week’s meetings, committee members will look at a number of measures to make it easier and more appealing for those travelling across our county.

One of the items that will be discussed is the introduction of the new ‘Fare Deal’ for young passengers. This means that under 19’s will be ‘guaranteed that they will pay no more than £1.20 for a single bus journey throughout the county’. 

The committee will also look at ways that the M-Card Mobile App can be adapted to suit the changing ways in which people utilise public transport. 

The authority previously announced plans due to be implemented later in 2021 where passengers will be able to buy blocks of up to ten tickets and activate them on the days they are needed via the M-Card App. The authority says this is ‘a response to the changing commuter patterns expected as more people return to their workplaces’. 

Cllr Kim Groves, Chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee, said: “We will be working with our partners, including the West Yorkshire Bus Alliance, to encourage people back onto public transport as the region emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown.  

“Offering flexibility on tickets to reflect changing travel patterns and ensuring there is confidence that public transport is safe to use will be crucial to getting people back onto trains and buses as the restrictions are eased.  

“We need public transport to be at the heart of the recovery to support our town and city centres and connecting people to jobs while keeping congestion down, improving air quality and reducing transport’s impact on the environment.” 

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee will meet at 11am on Friday 12 March. The meeting can be viewed here.  

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