#WellbeingWednesday – take your time

We’re often in such a rush to ‘get things done’, that we don’t take the time to really enjoy it. Take gardening for example. We hastily shovel compost into pots and sow seeds for this year’s tomatoes. Swiftly deadhead anything that’s not moving. Pull weeds with annoyance. After doing those things, how often do we just stand back and look at the results of our hard work?

“I don’t have time”, you protest. But yes, you do. You have 5 minutes to spend just appreciating something you’ve done. Admire that room you spent last week decorating every day after work. Take some big, deep sniffs of the herbs you grew for the kitchen. Sit in the garden with a cuppa and appreciate that you made and look after that tranquil place.

There’s always stuff that needs doing, more laundry, more work, more cooking…but it can all wait 5 minutes.

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