Weekly Weather Winge – May 15th 2021

What a week it’s been. You know you’re in the Hudd when you go to sit outside in the garden and take your cardi off because the sun’s blazing down on you, then 2 minutes later the sky is black and it’s proverbialing it down. If you see some daft bird sat outside with sunglasses and a brolly, that’s probably me.

The good news is that from Monday, if you fancy it, you’ll be able to take your pint indoors to stop it from getting watered down by Yorkshire’s finest precipiwhatsit. You know Sod’s Law though, we’ll probably have a heatwave when we can go inside, and everyone’ll want to be outdoors supping in the sun.

Alas, if a heatwave is coming, it’s not in a hurry.

Your week will start a bit grey and a bit drizzly, with damp turning to sodden around lunchtime as heavy showers move in from…well, wherever. Once you’re good and moist*, the rest of the week should be drier. Bright mornings and sunny intervals in’t t’afternoon. Temperatures hovering around ‘That’ll do nicely’ on the Huddersfield Times Temperature Recognition Chart (aka 13-15°C, or 55-59°F for you metric-lovers).

So a cardi really ought to have you covered this week, if I see any big coats art’n’abart I’ll be bloody disappointed.

*statistics that I just made up show that 86.2% of people hate the word ‘moist’.

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