Weekly Weather Winge – April 24th 2021

Have you all been enjoying yourselves, gallivanting round and about in the sun with 5 friends in a public place?

I’d’ve loved to join in, but y’see, it turns out I don’t know 5 people I’d be seen out in public with.  Oh well!

The bright weather has spurred me on to do a bit o’grafting out in’t garden.  You know how they say things get worse before they get better? Well it just keeps getting worse.  Every so often I wander out there and poke the rock-hard soil that’s been uncovered, with a rake, spade, cat, whatever comes to hand.  But it won’t budge.  Now I know why it’s been covered in gravel all this time.

The temptation to hire a mini-digger is growing by the day.

Well now, let’s see what those lovely boys n’girls over at the MetOffice have in store for us this week…Ah yes. Just as I thought.  No storms.  No tornados.  No snow.  No ice.  No heavy rain.  It’s just flippin’ boring that’s what it is.

It *might* rain on Tuesday afternoon, and I’m starting to hope it does rain.  It’s been a bit dry of late.  I don’t know what Scammonden’s looking like, maybe one of you adventurous types could give us an update on the water levels?  I really hope we don’t end up with a hosepipe ban this summer – how else am I supposed to keep the local kids out of earshot?  I find a good blast with the old pressure-washer gets ‘em moving pretty quick.

All in all, another week of ‘OK’ weather, nowt to write home about.

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