WanderList – Are you ready to Wander in Huddersfield?

With Autumn upon us and the change in weather, it’s very tempting to batten down the hatches and stay indoors with a warm mug of hot chocolate and a purring cat.

And that’s all well and good; there’s nothing wrong with staying home where it’s cosy! But it’s important to remember that ‘variety is the spice of life’, and that we need to keep active and keep moving for our health and wellbeing.

A great way of getting in your recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week is a good old-fashioned walk, and one company have taken steps to give walking a modern upgrade!

This comes in the form of Wanderlist, from South Yorkshire ‘Creative Hub’ Kaumaka Ltd.

WanderList is a fun real-world game, which challenges you to get out there and solve puzzles. When you solve the puzzles, you’ll bag yourself one of the numerous WanderLists that are dotted around various towns and cities in Yorkshire – and Huddersfield is the latest addition!

Whether you want to be a sole wanderer or play with/challenge your friends and family, WanderList is a people game designed to gently work our brain muscles and physical muscles in a fun way. The first Huddersfield Wanderlist was in the ‘walker’ category, which means that the puzzles will be reasonably simple and confined within the town centre. For the more adventurous, there’s a ‘Hiker’ list, which has more complex puzzles. Some areas have lists spread over wider areas, and there will also be special lists for events and charitable organisations along the way.

All you need to play is a mobile device with a web browser, location tracking and 3G/4G/5G capability. The vast majority of smartphones will fit within this category. No app is needed to play, Wanderlist can simply be accessed by heading to Wanderlist.co.uk where you can sign up and find out more!

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