Town centre wine emporium on the verge of expansion!

‘Kwas 1’ – complete with a very handy pay and display machine (Credit: Hanglands)

Since 2018, Kwas has brought quality, chemical-free, natural wine to the people of Huddersfield.

Owners Duncan and Ola wanted to make good wine accessible to folk with any level of knowledge about wine, not just the experts. Any and all can pop in for a chat, ask for recommendations, and give some wine a try in the cosy Viaduct Street shop.

Over the past year, the owners had to make some changes in order to manoeuvre their way through lockdown, which led to them stocking groceries and setting up an organic veg box service. Such has been the success of these additions, Kwas has outgrown its home in Archway Two and has set its sights on bigger things – Archway Three.

This move will come at considerable cost, and having already signed the lease on ‘Kwas 2’, Duncan and Ola reached out for support with a Crowdfunder. If you’re not familiar with crowdfunding, supporters don’t merely make donations (though this is an option too). Kwas offer certain packages for a set cost – for example, the cost of a few drinks, a Supper Club voucher, and gift vouchers that offer fantastic value such as £50 pledged for a £60 voucher.

The daunting thing about a Crowdfunder of this nature is that if the target isn’t reached by a set date, then money will go back to the donors and Kwas will receive not a penny of their £15000 target. That date is fast approaching – June 7th. Things got off to a roaring start with huge figures achieved in a matter of days, and now Kwas need just £344 to tip them over the edge to success.

The new unit is considerably larger, which will enable Kwas to provide a multitude of additional features, such as a zero-waste refill station, access to organic fruit, veg and bread six days a week, and they will have a full kitchen. Customers will have the option of eating in or taking out delicacies from the deli, and there will be a much bigger seating area for eating, drinking, and socialising.

Duncan and Ola have shown immense confidence in the regeneration of Huddersfield town centre by signing a six-year lease on the new premises, which in itself deserves a few quid, don’t you think?

There are still plenty of rewards available from as little as £7 for a couple of drinks and £12 for a Kwas tote bag, up to £1000 for a Kwas private hire Mega Party including drinks, a private DJ and food for up to 20 people! You can find the Crowdfunder here.

Best of luck to Duncan and Ola, we’re confident you’ll smash your target, and we can’t wait to see Kwas 2 in action!

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