Town Centre business leaves touching floral tribute for Capt Sir Tom Moore’s funeral

A local town centre florist paid a heart-warming tribute to Capt Sir Tom Moore on Saturday to show their respects on the day of his funeral.

Lincoln’s Florists, who are based in Queensgate Market, laid the floral tribute in Market Square, Huddersfield to mark the day of Capt Sir Tom Moore’s funeral. Accompanying the beautiful tribute is a note which reads ‘in memory of Capt Sir Tom Moore. We thank you for your service in World War 2 and for raising our spirits in 2020. From all the staff and customers of Lincoln’s Florists, Huddersfield.’

Owner Lindsay Foster, who has operated the business for over 15 years spoke exclusively to Huddersfield Times about the touching gesture and how it reminded her of her Grandad who lives near Nottingham and has been shielding throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

She told us “We wanted to make the tribute wreath because we knew how much of an impact Capt Sir Tom Moore had on the country as well as the community. He also reminded me a lot of my own grandad who also served in World War Two and is sheltering in his own home at the ripe age of 95 (96 in April!) and with him being in my home town of Clifton, Nottingham I’ve not seen him in a long time.”

Lindsay added “It’s not only a tribute from us at Lincolns, but it’s from all of our customers that have continued to support us and keep us going through the recent lockdowns. We are just over the moon with how much support and attention it has got over the last few days!”

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