There is no fuel shortage – and there’s definitely no shortage of media hype

Here at Huddersfield Times, we have said from Day One that we want to change how the news is reported across Huddersfield – so here’s the truth about the ‘fuel crisis’…

We’ve all seen those headlines across different media outlets. Some of them are talking about the ‘worst fuel crisis in years’, others are talking about a panicked ‘frenzy at the pumps’.

Yet, here at HT we have stayed silent about it. You won’t find a single article before today about any fuel shortages across Huddersfield – because there is NO shortage of fuel. Some petrol stations have temporarily run out – and we’ll cover that below.

Your time is precious, so we’re not going to delve deep into the politics surrounding Brexit and Covid-19, but basically, a combination of both have resulted in a drop in HGV drivers to drive the fuel tankers. All the people at the top of the chain have maintained that there is still fuel being delivered on a regular basis to petrol stations.

It may come as a shock, but when lots of people buy the same thing at once, they eventually run out until they next have a delivery. Imagine if everyone reading this article went into the same shop to buy the same pack of chewing gum. Store owners can only hold a certain number of packs of chewing gum at a time. Once they’ve all gone, we will have to wait until the next batch comes on a delivery. There isn’t a shortage of chewing gum, they have simply run out because everyone bought it all at once. It’s the same with fuel.

Unfortunately, news outlets (some worse than others) benefit from the clickbait of articles detailing a ‘fuel crisis’. Even though the article may quote an expert saying “there are no shortages”, they’ll still purposefully title the headline in a way that encourages people to believe there is a real and genuine shortage.

Most people are aware that some news outlets do this, and will factor this into any decisions that they make as a result of reading the article. However, some people have not thought this way. Others have labelled it as greedy and we must be honest, we kind of view it this way too. Of course, some people may have genuine reasons for believing they need to ‘stockpile’ fuel. Maybe they travel long distances for work, maybe they have to provide care to a relative.

Whatever their reason for stockpiling fuel, or visiting the pumps multiple times a day is; you don’t need to do this! Fuel is being delivered on a regular basis to all petrol stations across Huddersfield and across the country.

So, we will not be putting up a live blog telling you which petrol station has fuel and which doesn’t. We will not be publishing posts about people queuing for fuel and we will also not be publishing articles about people apparently stockpiling fuel. It adds to the situation and makes things even worse. One might say it adds fuel to the fire (sorry). Remember, there is no shortage.

Let’s be sensible in how we act, let’s act rationally in the way that we think, but most of all – let’s be kind to each other! Service station staff in particular, who have suddenly found themselves in the middle of all this mess, often having to implement rules and restrictions that have been passed down from on high.

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