The messy art of acrylic pouring

Here is our very first Fluffy article which has been written by Carole-ann Gleadhall.

So… you know what it’s like… You are scrolling through Pinterest looking at a few things, sometimes it’s just idle time passing, sometimes you need a boost of inspiration, sometimes you need information; when something catches your eye. You click on the article and are pretty impressed, so you do the search and look at lots of articles and before you know it you have convinced yourself to have a go. That looks amaaaaaazing, and easy, right?

Acrylic Pouring makes pretty impressive images by as the name suggests pouring acrylic paint in various colours over a surface and swooshing it around until it covers giving a melded psychedelic effect which is very satisfying. After I found out that you need a pouring medium which is a substance to make the paint flow, I quickly went about making my own with PVA glue as per YouTube and using some acrylic paint I had in my craft supplies and a small canvas, I tried the technique. Sadly initially this was not entirely successful, undeterred I remembered I had a few leftover tiles from my recent kitchen renovation and eureka! the seemingly perfect surface appeared. So began my latest hobby AKA obsession!

Acrylic tiles by Cat Designs

After managing to make a few not unpleasing pieces, however, it became clear that, as with many things on Pinterest, this might not be as easy as it looks.

The consistency of my homemade pouring medium varied, my knowledge of colour theory was nonexistent and there were some muddy fails that went straight in a bucket of water. So getting a bit savvier, I bought some professional pouring medium and learned a little bit more about colour combinations.

Results began to improve but, what to do with them was the question. I had posted my efforts on Facebook recently and they had been well-received (though I hoped not through politeness). I thought they might make cute decorative wall plaques. So I went about finding out how to make the finished product; glazing, hanging fitting,s and finally my personal ‘by Cat’ sticker. Et voila!

Cat’s custom sticker

So here we are! Each one is completely unique as the paint pouring method means no two turn out the same. The two-tone designs can be matched to decor or multi-tones can add a splash of random colour. I think they are perfect for those smaller areas; bathrooms, hallways, conservatories etc as they are only 6×6 inches. I am always working on new colour combinations and they can be customised. The tiles are recycled, leftover, or kindly donated so it’s great to be doing my bit for the environment by keeping them from landfill.

Acrylic tiles by Cat Designs

Carole-Ann has enjoyed making these so much that she has very recently turned what was a little hobby into a small business.

You can find these and other works by Cat by visiting her Facebook page By Cat Designs.

Cat will also be attending craft and Christmas markets in the local area, some of which are on our events page like the High Park Christmas Fair and the alternative Christmas Market at Parish.

Acrylic Tiles by Cat Designs

So if you fancy giving it a go yourself, here is what you will need to start you off:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • PVA Glue (if making own) or Professional Pouring Medium such as Flotrol or Liquitex
  • Pots to mix paint
  • Sticks to mix paint
  • Gloves (latex or none latex)
  • Surface to paint on ie canvas, boards, tiles etc
  • Clear area and something to catch the paint (it gets very messy)
  • Space to let them try
  • Varnish if you require for finishing.

Let me know if you gave it a try and how it went…but be warned, it is very messy and not as easy as you think.

Do you have a hobby or craft that you think others might be interested in giving a try? Then drop me an email and tell me all about it, how you started, how it went and the items you will need to start off, so that our readers can also give it a try.

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