The Great Huddersfield Cleanup starts TOMORROW!

After two months of planning, preparing, emailing, phoning, cajoling and finger-crossing, we have arrived at GHCUeve. It’s a bit like Christmas Eve, but instead of getting a bag full of presents, we’ll be picking up bagfuls of rubbish.

We can’t wait to meet all the fabulous volunteers who’ve signed up to this community project, giving us the gift of time to make a difference to the town.

And it turns out we couldn’t have picked a better weekend – it just so happens that today is the start of the Great British Spring Clean which runs from May 28th to June 13th. Not only that, but Monday is the start of Volunteers’ Week 2021, which aims to highlight and recognise the efforts of volunteers.

There’s still time to join in if you fancy it! We’ll be meeting by Harold Wilson (outside train station) at 9.30am tomorrow to clean towards the St John’s Rd side of things, and the fire station at 2pm for a wander down Manchester Rd. Sunday morning is Leeds Rd, and afternoon Bradford Rd – check out places and times here.

We have some amazing hi-viz #GHCU vests, very kindly provided by Blackrock Workwear. We have safety gloves, and some litter-picker-uppers, and bags. Now, all we need is you!

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