Surreality becomes reality for new town centre café-bar

Working on a unique new bar became somewhat of a Kafkaesque nightmare for owners Mark and Ricardo due to lockdowns and restrictions. But finally, the pandemic-shaped spanner has been removed from the works, and Kafka can now open its doors to the public.

Nestled just on the outside edge of town, within staggering distance of the university, the traditional sandstone facade of the building does nothing to hint at the eclectic decor that awaits you. Sometimes it feels like the word ‘quirky’ is overused, particularly in relation to interior design. If the word was to be assigned to just one Huddersfield hostelry, surely Kafka would be the winner, hands-down. The owners have done a great job of paying homage to the bar’s namesake, Franz Kafka.

Seating comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, tucked under a similar array of tables. The walls – well, where does one start with the walls? There are things attached to walls that were definitely not intended to be attached to walls, such as gravity-defying typewriters, a violin case (including violin), and doors. Yes, doors. A wall of doors.

This assortment of furniture and objet d’art is lit by quite the assortment of lights. Some in a vintage style, emitting a soft glow to ponder your drink and the existential crisis of the day. Others are reminiscent of the heady disco-era of the 70s. The lights give the impression that, whilst a calm and chilled place, for the most part, a rave could pop along at any moment and liven things up.

Kafka offers a selection of draft and canned beers, spirits, wine, soft drinks and hot drinks. As for food, as of Tuesday (May 25th) they will be opening for breakfast from 8.30am, serving brunch and lunch, and once lunch service is over it reverts to drinks only. The menu caters for all tastes, and includes numerous vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. We’ve got our eye on the breakfast burrito…and waffles. Did we mention the waffles? You can check out the full menu here.

In terms of accessibility, the bar is set over two floors, with one being on street level. There is a small step to navigate on the way in, but after that, it’s all smooth sailing.
So why not open your mind and give Kafka a try?

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