Spotlight on… Traci Habergham Photography

Traci Habergham spills the beans on what goes on behind the lens 📸.

Can you introduce your business in 10 words or less? 
Brand photographer helping businesses elevate their brand with stunning visuals  (phew just!).

How long has your business been running, and what drove you to start it? 
I am in my 4th year of trading yay!  Photography has always been a part of my life and I’ve always been a creative character, so I was always going to go down a creative route.  I had my now or never moment in 2013, I term it ‘the year from hell’ (I think everybody has one at some point in their life where everything goes wrong!) and this made me address what I was doing in life and this is when I decided that I was going to take the plunge, get qualified and set up on my own doing what makes me happy.  I have to say it was a massive leap of faith but definitely the best decision I’ve made, of which I have never looked back.

Where is your business based, and what led you to choose to be based there? 
I am based in Huddersfield (at home) as the main of my job is out shooting on location in and around Huddersfield and West Yorkshire.

What are your most popular items/services? Why do you think this is popular with customers? 
I am a specialist brand photographer who helps small businesses and entrepreneurs strengthen their brand, raise their online presence and give them a more professional edge by providing bespoke ‘on-brand’ photographs tailored to suit their individual businesses for use on social media, their websites, marketing or anywhere where they want to shout about what they do!  Brand shoots are very popular with businesses who are trying to establish themselves as professionals and want to take themselves to that next level.

Do you have any employees? 
It’s just little me (I nearly put old in there but I keep telling myself age is just a number!) but I do have a fantastic network of photographers, who I do work with from time to time and we all help and support each other, so you never feel alone.

What’s your favourite job/task that you do as part of your business, and why?
The photoshoot and taking photographs, this is my favourite part, I love people, getting to know them and their businesses.  I always find it really interesting delving into the details of different businesses, no two are alike! (My photoshoots are always relaxed and always a laugh, which is great as it relaxes people which comes across in their photographs).

What impact has the pandemic/lockdown had on your business?  Would you carry on with any of your new ways of working even when things are back to normal?
Lockdown has been quite tough as I’ve only been able to work intermittently over the past year.  But saying that, it did give me time to do all the things that have been on my ‘to do’ list for way too long, like re-designing my website and getting systems in place.  One thing I did discover over lockdown was the ability to do virtual shoots using the clients phone as a camera!  I have done various virtual shoots across the country from London to Glasgow and the quality of these shoots has really amazed me, this is something I will continue to offer going forward (suddenly the world is a much smaller place!).  Virtual shoots are perfect for photographs for use on social media.

Can you tell which of these images is from a virtual shoot? Scroll to the bottom for the answer!

Where do you see yourself/your business in 5 years?
In 5 years I want my business to be thriving, I want to be the ‘go-to’ photographer in Huddersfield and with the possibility of having a studio too (I love portraiture) so definitely one for the pipeline.  I also want to win lots of photography awards! I like to keep learning and pushing myself to be the best I can be.

What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of starting their own business?
Go for it!!  What’s the worst that could happen??  You need to get another job!  You don’t want to have that regret later on in life thinking ‘what if’, believe me, it’s not as daunting as you think.  Yes, there’s a big learning curve (I’m still learning now and I don’t think you ever stop) but the freedom you have running your own business and the sense of achievement you will get from it is amazing.

Anything else you’d like to add?
If you need any brand photography, I know a great photographer 😉

I love to help local businesses, so who fancies winning a mini brand shoot? To be in the running message me (by any method below) saying Brand Me Up and mention Huddersfield Times! What are you waiting for?

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(The top right photograph is from a virtual shoot)

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