Spotlight on…CK Sports Massage Therapy.

Connor Kavanagh tells us about his business, CK Sports Massage Therapy.

Can you introduce your business in 10 words or less?
My business is sports massage therapy treatment business

How long has your business been running and what drove you to start it?
My business has been running 13 months now but has been limited throughout the three lockdowns. I have always taken a keen interest in sports injuries and how the body can recover from different types of injuries which led me into becoming a sports massage therapist.

Where is your business based, and what led you to choose to be based there?
Currently I am based at Jade Robshaw’s Strength and Conditioning Gym on Ruth Street in Newsome. I am based here because it is a great gym to apply my practice to and I am able to treat members of Jade’s gym. I also work for a semi-professional club, Golcar United, and have previously worked with Huddersfield Town Women as their sports massage therapist. I am also joining another women’s football team as their sports massage therapist once football is allowed to return.

What are your most popular items/services? Why do you think this is popular with customers?
My most popular treatments are the deep tissue massages and dry cupping therapy. These are popular with customers because of how they help with recovery, are relaxing and leave my clients pain free while improving their mobility and flexibility.

Do you have any employees?  
Currently I am a sole trader operating on my own as I am a fairly new business.

What’s your favourite job/task that you do as part of your business, and why?
My favourite part of my job is the aftercare I provide for all of my clients. I enjoy checking in with them on how they are feeling and the feedback regarding how they have recovered from their aches, pains and injuries. I also remotely help sports athletes with serious long-term injuries to help manage their time in rehabilitation.

What impact has the pandemic/lockdown had on your business?  Would you carry on with any of your new ways of working even when things are back to normal?
The lockdown has prevented me from treating clients and has impacted my income. It has also prevented me from carrying out my sports therapy role at Golcar United as football at step 6 of the National Football League Pyramid is currently suspended.

Before lockdown I already checked in with my clients after treatments and I am always offering guidance and support as best as I can. For example, I am currently remotely helping a female semi-professional football player from down south in her rehabilitation from a serious, potential career ending, knee injury.

Where do you see yourself/your business in 5 years?
I would hopefully own my own workplace, where I can rent out rooms to other sole traders to allow them a workspace to apply their practice from. I would also like to be able to work abroad and take my business global and not just local.

What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of starting their own business?
One piece of advice I would give is to work hard because in the end the results are worth it. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into setting up my business and promoting my business through a number of local and professional sponsorships which has helped my business grow and develop.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I would just like to say a thank you to all of the people and sports teams I have sponsored throughout the 20/21 football season, and a huge thank you to all of my clients that recommend me to other people which is a great way for me to gain new clients and expand my client base. 

I would also like to thank you to Atlas Building and Joinery and Monsta Threads for being my staff sponsor throughout my time at Huddersfield Town Women and to Preston’s German Kitchens and Jade Robshaw S&C Gym for being my current staff sponsors at Golcar United.

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