Sinkhole and tunnel emerge on Chapel Hill

by Oliver Dowl

Photos by Brett Trunkwald

If you are heading to or from town this evening or tomorrow morning via Chapel Hill, take care as you pass one of our town’s real ale landmarks, The Rat and Ratchet. On Tuesday evening a sinkhole was found to have appeared on the pavement outside the old pub. Kirklees Council has since been made aware of the hole and pub staff have put a barrier around it.

Additionally, after viewing photographs sent into Huddersfield Times, we can confirm that the hole leads to a tunnel of sorts. So, without speculating too much about hills, castles and dragons, perhaps we should send in our resident amateur historian, Antony down the tunnels to investigate. Given that the theme of his initial local history series has been tunnels, it seems only right that we give him his wish.

Jokes aside, sinkholes can be dangerous and unpredictable, so it is worth being cautious around the area. With Kirklees Council already alerted, the process of securing the area should be imminent.

Still, we can hope that this might also include a little exploration into the passageway. But to quell any potential fantastical speculation, while considering the ubiquitous nature of cellars under pubs, we will sign out with a quote taken from Antony’s UTT (Under The Town) article.

“Most buildings in Huddersfield Town will have a cellar or system of rooms beneath. And, while I like to imagine a subterranean labyrinth of unexplored chasms with treasures yet to be found, there probably isn’t. There is almost certainly some undiscovered underground forgotten tunnels and passageway that are, by virtue of thick concrete and Yorkshire stone, inaccessible.”

Antony Morris 2021

Huddersfield Times

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