Send a priceless gift of letters this Christmas

Some of you may remember last year about an initiative called Postcards for Kindness. We brought you information about Give…A Few Words last December, but here is an article from Sharron Wilkinson who will tell you more about the project and how you can get involved with their Christmas Campaign.

Give…A Few Words has written 1000s of letters to others from all over Kirklees. What started as a project writing to people who were isolated in local care homes has now extended to include charities and people alone across the community.

“Our letters are for anyone”, said Sharron. “They are posted to others who, for whatever reason, need a bit of cheer. People normally receive a little letter pack with a few unique letters from different people”.

An example of letters sent out

“Our volunteers – of which there are over 200 – write about anything and everything such as fishing, engineering, knitting, films, musicals, art, nature, cooking, music, nature, sport and family. Most letters are personalised, so each letter is written specifically for that person, but we are collecting general cards with positive messages in too. Some people prefer to draw, write poetry, include photos or make crafts and that is great too.

“It is actually really beneficial from a writing perspective too as you can take time 30 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of life and think about someone else. I like to sit in a coffee shop and write, others sit in their gardens, by the sea…you can write anywhere. This year incredibly we have had volunteers from Mexico, Canada, Paris, Scotland, Wales. From a little project born in Huddersfield, it really is quite surreal.”

Quote from Helen, a Volunteer

One regular volunteer Helen said: “I know how lovely it is to receive cheery post. I like being part of Give…A Few Words knowing that I can help bring a little cheer to someone. Writing the letters gives me a chance to think about the good, and share the good, so it cheers my day too!”

As Christmas fast approaches, Give…A Few Words believe passionately in bringing people together and are doing all they can do to spread a little cheer with their uplifting letter-writing project.

“Christmas can be a difficult time,” said Founder Sharron Wilkinson. “Whilst many people are with others enjoying the festivities, others are spending it alone. Our #LettersforChristmasCampaign is about spreading a little joy with a few words. We have hundreds of volunteers busy writing personalised letters, cards and drawings for others.”

The clock is currently ticking for their Christmas Campaign, and they are currently writing hundreds of letters to be posted out to others.

“It’s all hands on deck,” said Sharron. “We need as many people as possible to pen a few words or draw a picture to spread some much-needed smiles this Christmas. When the letter packs arrive in a few weeks time and people read the most gorgeous words from strangers, that gift is priceless.”

Location of free red post boxes, no stamp required

Funding for Give…A Few Words is due to end in March 2022 and they are currently busy fundraising to try and sustain the organisation for the future with some social events.

You can help by attending one of their fundraising events, supporting with a raffle prize, donating to their campaign or getting involved with writing or drawing for Give…A Few Words. Please visit or email

I think we can all agree what a lovely initiative this is, especially at the moment, I will certainly be getting involved. Let me know if there is something you are involved with that you think people may also be interested in helping with.

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