See the Huddersfield business getting ‘glam’ in a caravan

We love shining a spotlight on new businesses. We have been intrigued by how businesses have adapted and changed the way they work, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. This business spotlight is definitely one of the most creative that we have seen so far!

Business owner Helen developed her business venture during the first Coronavirus national lockdown. Struggling to juggle the work-home balance as well arranging childcare for her two children, Helen left her salon job to begin a new creative venture. 

Business owner Helen, who created the unique beauty salon concept

Helen developed ‘The Caraglam’, with the idea of creating a beauty salon based inside a caravan. Soon after, she purchased the caravan unit and brought it home to Marsh, Huddersfield. With help from husband Anthony (who had to do some DIY in order to make it fit on their drive) and Helen’s mum, they began decorating the caravan – and we are sure you’ll agree – it’s pretty amazing!

Inside the newly refurbished ‘Caraglam’ beauty salon.

The space has been designed to be fully versatile, even the nail booth folds away to make room for the beauty bed. The Caraglam offers nail art, eyelash lifts, tinting, waxing, facials and pedicures. The unique concept also helped the business to feature in Scratch Magazine, which is a leading magazine within the nail industry.

Helen is preparing to reopen her business when the lockdown restrictions are eased on 12th April 2021 and has put in additional measures to ensure the business adheres to Covid-19 regulations. Speaking to Huddersfield Times, she told us “I am really excited to be able to reopen and I can’t wait to get back to doing what I love”. 

You can find out more information about The Caraglam by following them on Facebook at and Instagram

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