Ramblings about the ‘Worst Kept Secret’

Caos and the ‘Teles at work in their makeshift studio, overseen by Daisy the Doggo Manager

I don’t think any of us can really remember exactly how or when the whole Caos x Boxteles would become a thing. If you had told me when I was dragged by my mate to see them live at their Parish 1.0 headliner show that I would relaunch Caos because of how strongly I believe in this band – I would have told you that you were out of your mind. I still think I might be a bit out of my mind. 

Long story short – they ‘blew my socks off’, the energy was insane at the gig & I really enjoyed myself after an absolutely gruelling week at work. When the gig was over, we continued doing what we usually do when I saw three of the ‘Teles. I went up to Rex just to say how great of a show that was; he thinks his response was ‘Are you American?’. Little did he know that at the time, maybe this American would sign the band. Side note – Bedford keeps trying to say I went up to him in Camel at 2 a.m. to talk about the gig. He is so wrong. 

At this point, I should probably mention that right before Lockdown 1.0, Bedford and I decided to try dating. I was stubborn and the government told us to do it so we basically moved in together. Crazy, only after 1 month of dating?

Anyways – our relationship is not the reason why Caos signed Boxteles. It goes a bit like this – Boxteles have given me the opportunity to follow a dream of mine that I have been dreaming about since I was little, and Caos has given Boxteles the opportunity to follow a dream of theirs that they have been dreaming about since they were little.  

Talks started in the pub in early September. They continued through to Thanksgiving, with talks in between those dates within close circles. Although no one knew what was happening, I think everyone knew what was about to happen. Probably the best worst kept secret of all time. 

So by Christmas, I had a band that I was going to sign as the first act to Caos’s relaunched roster and I had very little experience in the music industry. We all came together. I think I was super lucky to have started working on this with the boys rather than on my own because I could hear their personal experiences in the industry and really hear what the artist wants and needs and then plan our business strategies accordingly. The music industry is very unfair to performers and songwriters, and I want to make sure that Caos is as fair as possible not just to Boxteles, but all of the amazing acts we hope to sign in the future. 

It’s been a little while since my first blog (I’m sorry) so I wanted to just give a little snippet into the Caos x Boxteles story. 

The next blog post is super important – it will be ALL about MUSIC ROYALTIES. Understanding this is crucial whether you are a musician, songwriter, producer, artist manager or even just a music lover! It will give you a little insight as to how hard it really is for artists to make money just off of their incredible creations. 

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