Police help local communities celebrate Ramadan

Police in Kirklees have been engaging with communities to help them celebrate Ramadan.

Officers from across the District have been attending events and meeting with community members to mark the holy month for Muslims which began on April 2 and is anticipated to finish on May 1, subject to the sighting of the moon.

In Huddersfield, neighbourhood policing team officers have conducted Ramadan patrols in and around Birkby and Crosland Moor and also attended talks on the opening fast to mark the Ramadan period.

Among the events also attended by officers was a recent gathering at the Eden Centre in Huddersfield to talk about Ramadan how different people from within the Muslim community view what the meaning of the fasting period is to them.

Chief Insp Graham Dyson was invited to attend on behalf of Kirklees District Police along with others including representatives from the Huddersfield and Calderdale Chaplaincy and the Forget Me not Foundation.

He said:  “Ramadan is of course a very significant holy month for our Muslim communities in Kirklees and we have been pleased to engage with residents celebrating it and share their stories.

“It is really important for our neighbourhood policing teams to connect with all of our communities and their significant events as this builds trust and encourages residents to come to us and report crime.

He added: “It was a real privilege for me to be invited to the recent event at the Eden Centre and be able to listen to various speakers highlighting their journey within their faith, and how the month of Ramadan gave them an opportunity to reflect.

“It was great to hear people talking about family, and their journey through life which enabled me to reflect on my own family and work experiences.”

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