Performers wanted for ‘Super Saturdays’ project in Huddersfield

Huddersfield BID are appealing for street performers who can entertain the people of Huddersfield Town Centre in their ‘Super Saturdays’ project. It is hoped that the project will provide some much-needed excitement, cheer, and liveliness to our town centre once the pandemic restrictions are eased. 

All types of performer are invited to take part such as singers, musicians, entertainers, actors and dancers and the opportunity is open to both paid and voluntary opportunities for performers to get involved.

In a statement, Huddersfield BID said, “Vibrancy through performance in any town centre is important for rejuvenating public space but this also promotes a sense of feeling safe, welcome and appeal.”

“We plan for this project to provide a lively, exciting, welcome and safe Huddersfield for all and we look forward to people and organisations of all sizes and talents joining us.”

For more information you can email

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