No, there’s no ‘Heatwave’ – but there is warmer weather on the way!

In this week’s Weekly Weather Whinge – we’re sorting the facts from the clickbait!

– ‘Two Week Tropical Storm Warning issued as September heatwave hopes dashed.”
– ‘Heatwave to hit Yorkshire with sizzling 26C sunshine around the corner’.
– ‘UK Heatwave Alert: Hurricane Ida to bring scorching temperatures along with thunderstorms’.

These type of headlines are extremely common nowadays on online news outlet websites. You know the usual suspects – the warmest summer and the coldest winter on record etc.

It’s the sort of thing that we’re used to now – and most of us take it with a pinch of salt. But something interesting happened earlier this week.

On Wednesday, ITV Weather presenter Becky Mantin appeared on ITV’s This Morning programme to de-bunk the ‘Heatwave’ claims.

As part of an interview with hosts Rochelle Humes and Alison Hammond, she explained how the process of defining a meteorological ‘heatwave’ works. She also confirmed that we will not be experiencing a heatwave.

When quizzed by the hosts, Becky also added that ‘anything that tells you the weather more than 7 days ahead should be taken with a pinch of salt’. This is because it is extremely hard to forecast the weather with any great certainty more than 7 days ahead.

Presenter Alison Hammond was quite annoyed by this and said ‘How are [the news outlets] allowed to publish it?, adding ‘Is it just for clicks?’. – Unfortunately Alison, we’re not too sure either!

Although there’s no meteorological heatwave to come, next week is shaping up to be pretty nice. After a cloudy start to the week, temperatures will be lifting and the sun will put its hat on and make an appearance.

The nicest day of the week looks to be on Wednesday, with warm sunny spells and highs of around 26C or 27C. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look set to last as showers and longer spells of rain move in for the back end of the week.

So no meteorological ‘heatwave’ to come – but enjoy the warmer weather if you can. Oh, and if the Met Office changes their mind and a heatwave is on the way – we’ll be the first to let you know.

Coming up next week – The coldest winter on record with arctic blasts and 10ft snow drifts!

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