‘No restrictions on travel’ following Covid-19 guidance confusion

It’s been a confusing day for Kirklees residents following the news that details were released on Friday about updating Covid-19 guidance for areas at high risk of the new Indian variant.

Now, public health leaders from all eight local authorities including Kirklees Council have released a joint statement about travel in and out of affected areas.

Directors of public health from all eight councils have now released a statement saying: “Following the national coverage of recently revised guidance we have met with national officials and confirmed there are no restrictions on travel in or out of each of our areas: There are no local lockdowns.”

They added “There are sensible public health precautions people can take as individuals in line with the sorts of advice we have all been following throughout the pandemic,” 

Earlier, Leader of Kirklees Council Shabir Pandor and newly-elected Mayor of West Yorkshire Tracy Brabin held a press conference at Dewsbury Town Hall to express their frustration at the lack of formal announcement of the changes to Covid-19 guidance.

Kirklees’ Outbreak Control Board – a cross-party group comprising the leading councillors from Kirklees Council’s five main political groups and the borough’s three MPs – issued the following joint statement:

“Kirklees continues to follow the roadmap out of restrictions alongside the rest of England. Given our high infection rates, we are urging residents and visitors to be cautious but there are no restrictions to travel into and out of Kirklees. Pubs and restaurants remain open for business.

“Deaths and hospitalisations relating to COVID-19 remain low in Kirklees but with rising infection rates, everyone in Kirklees has a part to play in keeping themselves and their community safe. That’s why we’re urging people to get tested, stick to the guidance and – above all – to get vaccinated when you are eligible. Maintaining social distancing and meeting outdoors are sensible ways of reducing infections but residents can still travel in and out of the borough in line with national restrictions.”

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