New supermarket development in Almondbury goes ahead after 10 year battle

By Danielle Boothroyd 

The derelict site of the Rose & Crown pub on Northgate, Almondbury, won’t be an eyesore for much longer as work started on the project earlier this month, providing long overdue relief to local residents.

The decision has been welcomed after many years of tussling between developers, Kirklees Council and the English Heritage due to the building’s grade II listed status.Once a popular establishment in Almondbury village, the Rose & Crown closed permanently back in 2011 following serious incidents of anti-social behaviour and vandalism both within and around the premises. It was deemed a lost cause to try to relaunch it as another pub, bar or restaurant and applications were invited to make use of the building in a different guise.

Several planning applications have been made since 2013 but most ended up being shelved due to unresolved issues.Contractors JP Wild Ltd eventually took on the project on behalf of the Co-op group last year and submitted plans that included the preservation of the listed section of the building as required by law. This was met positively, however, there was an unforeseen problem.

Cllr Bernard McGuin, Conservative rep for the Almondbury ward, explained that after being neglected for years the structure was in a severe state of disrepair with potentially irreversible damage: “Plans looked to have been scuppered when a technical survey report said that it [the building] had to be completely demolished”.

This would have further threatened progress of the development but fortunately, in December 2020, surveying engineers reviewed the report and determined that some repairs could be made in order to partially preserve the listed part of the structure.

Following the latest breakthrough construction works were authorised to begin last week.It is not yet known what will be done with the village’s current Co-op store, which lies adjacent to the new site.

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