New research reveals Yorkshire’s passion for houseplants

House plant happiness! ‘Plant Parents’ in Yorkshire are crediting house plants for positively boosting their mood.

The humble houseplant has become a must-have home accessory in Yorkshire, with 45% of people believing they make a home instantly stylish, whilst one in ten (11%) Yorkshire residents are using house plants as a practice run for a pet – the most likely region in the UK to do so. 

An overwhelming majority (98%) of Yorkshire residents credit house plants with positively boosting their mood whilst 89% feel a real sense of pride and achievement in being able to keep a plant alive.  

One in five (19%) of those living in Yorkshire admit to regularly talking to their plants, whilst seven percent play music to them and a further 15% admit to naming their plants.  

16% have such a deep bond with their houseplants that they worry about them when away from home and six percent even admit to talking about their plants as if they’re children. 

In fact, house plants have now risen the ranks to become the top ‘new home’ gift with over a third (36%) saying this is their go-to gift, with alcohol (19%) taking the second place spot.


t comes amid a boom in interest in houseplants, which has been helped along by an influx of plant influencers like Joe Bagley, who has been enlisted by Dulux to help tell the story behind the Greenhouse Palette to his 57k followers on the @UKHousePlants Instagram. 

He explains: “Social media has played a huge role in the increasing popularity of houseplants.

“For me it was really instrumental in showing me that there were other people out there who shared my interests and had large quantities of plants in their homes.”

Joe’s home contains 1,500 plants and he spends £200 a month on upkeep and adding to his collection.

The study into the UK’s green-fingered habits comes from Dulux in celebration of the new Greenhouse Palette from its ColourFutures 2022 collection. The Greenhouse Palette consists of: Moon Cloud, Rich Earth, Tranquil Dawn, River Valley, Fresh Foliage, Cardamom Pod, Fossil Hunting, Calming Meadow, Denim Drift.

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