New night-time barrier to be installed at Castle Hill

A  new road barrier is due to be installed later in the Spring to prevent anti-social behaviour at Castle Hill. The new barrier will prevent access to the site after a certain time, which will vary with the time of year. It is hoped that the new installation will reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour that occurs at the site after dark. Earlier this year, campaigners called for a night-time barrier to be installed after several cars nearly skidded off the edge of the road due to icy conditions. At the time, Cllr Naheed Mather, Cabinet member for environment and highways, said drivers should “consider whether their vehicle is suitable” before travelling to Castle Hill in icy weather. Initially, Kirklees Council will install the barrier and relevant signage before implanting its use to allow visitors the chance to understand the new restrictions.

Cllr Alison Munro – Almondbury Lib Dems who was involved with the campaign said “The new barrier is welcomed by the community. I would like to say a huge thank you to the team of officers at Kirklees who came together to work on this much needed project and made it all possible.” Cllr Bernard Mcguin – Almondbury Con who also supports the campaigners. He told Huddersfield Times “I have been in favour of this for a long time and was really upset by people going up during the lockdown last Summer and leaving it in a mess.”

“It has been a difficult journey to get there and the other councillors in the Almondbury and Newsome wards have supported this as well. I would like to thank Kirklees officers for pushing this through and the Police were also helpful to the cause.”

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