New Huddersfield food delivery service launching this summer

A brand new food delivery service will launch this summer across Huddersfield.

Local restaurant and takeaway owners will benefit from the new ‘Huddersfield Eats’ food delivery service which is set to launch across Huddersfield this summer.

The new service, which is being launched by two local business owners, aims to provide an alternative option to the current mainstream services which take a large commission from orders.

Business partners Neil Dale and Dean Smith developed Huddersfield Eats after being inspired by a similar scheme in another area.  They want to help local, independent businesses by offering a delivery service which is profitable but will take significantly less commission in order to maximise individual restaurant’s profits.

Speaking to Huddersfield Times, Neil Dale explained the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on small independent businesses and how he believed it is unfair that large delivery service companies charge excessive commission costs to restaurants which are already struggling to stay afloat.

Discussing their new Huddersfield Eats service, Neil told us “We are really excited to launch our new service which will put both independent restaurants and their customers at the forefront of what we do. We currently have over 40 local restaurants signed up with us and are confident we can sign up lots more before our launch date.”

Huddersfield Eats logo containing iconic Castle Hill

The business partners have recently announced that once the service has been launched and is profitable, a portion of the profits will be donated to local good causes. They are passionate about Huddersfield and its surrounding areas, even incorporating Castle Hill into their Huddersfield Eats logo.

Neil explained the reasoning behind this: “A friend of mine moved to Huddersfield and made it her home. She once told me ‘Castle Hill is a hallmark. When I got lost and didn’t know where I was, when I looked around and saw [Castle Hill], I knew that I was safe and would reach my destination’.”

Huddersfield Eats will launch this summer and will be available online and via the Huddersfield Eats app on Apple and Android. (These links will not be live until the service has launched).

You can find out more by visiting Huddersfield Eats on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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