New Artisan Gin Company Launches in Huddersfield

A new artisan gin company has launched in Huddersfield which is inspired by our prestigious landmark – Castle Hill.

The journey began around a year ago when owner Tom, who describes himself as both a ‘long time gin lover’ and a ‘firm advocate of Huddersfield’, decided to embark on his lifelong dream of starting a gin company as a result of having to close the doors to his other business because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

During the summer of 2020. Tom reached out to gin lovers and local distillers to gain knowledge and experience. He then found a team of experts to help him create the recipes and begin production of the gins.

Castle Hill Gins currently has two recipes – a London Dry gin and a Lady Grey gin which was created using tea from The T&Cake Tea Rooms in Almondbury. Tom also told Huddersfield Times that he is working on developing a third gin recipe which he hopes will be a fruit blend.

The gins are available to order online at in 5cl, 20cl and 75cl bottles. You can also follow their social media accounts for updates.  

Huddersfield Times wishes Castle Hill Gins all the best! We are passionate about supporting new local businesses within our area.

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