Music Review: Fishing 4 Compliments – Off the Isle of Somewhere

The band have performed at many Huddersfield venues and festivals!

Fishing 4 Compliments is one Huddersfield band that you’ll probably have seen somewhere unless you live under a rock.

They’ve been going for over a decade, touring the lands, highroads and byroads with their upbeat, catchy folk-esque pop.  Closer to home you might have caught them at the Huddersfield Food & Drink Festival, or in the tipi at the Winter Festival.  

Having finally decided they’d rather like to record some of their work, they released the album ‘Off the Isle of Somewhere’ on April 7th 2020.  Over the ‘year we all stayed home’, the album has enjoyed success on community radio, and 14 months since the release is still a popular choice.  Their reputation continues to spread, and they were nominated for the category of Best Folk/Acoustic Act in the 2020 Radio Wigwam awards.

In my limited experience as a music writer, but long-running experience as a music lover, there’s something that just has to happen.  The first song on an album has to absolutely knock your socks off.  To quote the character of Rob Gordon from Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, there are rules about these things: “You gotta kick off with a killer, to grab attention. Then you gotta take it up a notch, but you don’t wanna blow your top, so then you gotta cool it off a notch. There are a lot of rules.”

The band performed via livestream last summer for a ‘virtual’ Food and Drink Festival!

‘You’re Not The Only One’ is that killer on the album.  It drags you in with a fast-tempo, foot-tapping beats and a distinctly Happy Mondays vibe in the intro.  The lyrics tell a familiar tale, and the chorus balances things out with its chilled insistence that one is, in fact, not the only one

‘Drunken Tree’, sneaking in the playlist at number 4, is another song from the album that’s proved popular on the folk radio circuit.  It’s a heady mix of light, rhythmic beats and soul-enriching melodies, with some ethereal melodies binding it all together.  

Overall, the album is guaranteed to brighten your mood and your day, along with anything else that could do with illuminating.  Its 11 songs are littered with catchy tidbits and melodic morsels.  If you’re a folk music fan, you should absolutely be adding this to your collection.  If you’re not a folk music fan, you should absolutely be adding this to your collection.  Fingers crossed, we’ll soon be able to enjoy live music regularly, and Fishing 4 Compliments will be back on the gig scene to enthral and entertain us.  But until then, why not brighten up your day by lining up ‘Off the Isle of Somewhere’ on your streaming service of choice, crack open a cold beverage, and foot-tap along?  

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