Motorcycle charity steers youngsters away from illegal off road riding

Police have praised bike enthusiasts for their drive to kick illegal motorcycle use out of their community by kickstarting youngsters on a path to safer riding.

The Huddersfield Neighbourhood Policing Team is supporting the work of Team KickStart in the Ashbrow Ward, which is approaching its first anniversary after launching last April to provide local teenagers with an outlet for their interest in bikes.

The team now has around 100 teens taking part and supports young people who have an interest in motorcycles. It teaches them to ride safely and legally and also develop their skills and potentially careers in servicing bikes and mechanical engineering.

The project, which is run by locals Joy Edwards and Junior Montano, began in April 2021 and has now become a full-fledged charity.

The group provides a safe regular space at Northfield Hall for riders to gather and learn safe riding skills from qualified professionals, moving towards getting a CBT riding qualification.

Upcoming events in March include sessions in which young people can learn to strip down and build an engine, and the Deighton Carnival in June.

Joy from Team KickStart, said: “Junior was the founder of Team Kickstart and the hard work he puts in on a daily basis and his passion for the community is outstanding.  He really deserves so much credit for the way we’ve grown over the last 12 months.
“We couldn’t be more pleased with the reaction we’ve had from local residents and the teenagers who have joined us since we started and are attending the sessions.  They are really enjoying themselves safely and getting the opportunity to learn.”

She added: “I also want to give a huge shout out to our volunteers and the friends we’ve made on our journey, as well as the local partnerships who have supported us.”

“Looking forwards we are in talks to find a new plot of land we can utilize for activities and are reaching out to more schools.
“We have lots of events planned including an anti-knife crime event on the 30th April at the piazza in Huddersfield  and are starting the procession for the Deighton carnival on the 25th June.”

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