Morrisons launches #makegoodthingshappen campaign – supporting children’s reading and food banks

By Danielle Boothroyd

Morrisons Community Champions are promoting a new children’s book, which has been commissioned by the supermarket and written by Danielle Corrigan.

The new ‘Children’s Little Library’ at Morrisons

‘Cedric the Seed’ was inspired by the pandemic and how lives were changed in an instant. The book follows Cedric, a small sunflower seed as he is separated from his family and friends. His journey is full of unexpected adventure, friendship and fun as when Cedric begins to grow, he realises his friends and family were there all along.

To support the book and a children’s reading initiative Morrisons stores have set up Little Library units where children can take books home to read free of charge. They can then either keep the book or return it for another child to read. If anyone would like to donate books to the cause there are library post boxes for this within stores. Any surplus books will be distributed to schools and community groups.  

As well as this, the Waterloo branch of Morrisons has also designed a scheme to make it easier and more convenient for customers to donate to local food banks.

New ‘Pick Up Packs’ for food banks

When customers do their shopping they can now add a ‘pick up pack’ to their trolley or basket and pay for it at the checkout. Pick up packs cost between £1 to £5 and are filled with items that food banks have shortages of. Once paid for customers then pop the pack in the food bank donation station on their way out.

Foodbank charities being supported by this scheme are The Welcome Centre, Greenfields Children’s Centre in Dalton, Hope Newsome food bank, Skelmonthorpe Pantry, Denby Dale centre and Platform 1.

Debbie Creaser, Morrisons Community Champion, says that there has been a decrease in donations and that foodbanks need people more than ever to continue supporting the local community.

Search #makegoodthings happen for more information on any of these initiatives or visit your local Morrisons store.  

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