Meltham Morrisons’ Community Giving Tree makes giving easy

Rachael and the Giving Tree

Morrisons have a long history of going the extra mile to support local communities, and this December is no exception.

Each store has a Community Champion, and in the case of Morrisons in Meltham this is the lovely Rachael Chadwick. With every store receiving a ‘Giving Tree’ to display in their foyer, Rachael was tasked with nominating a local foodbank or community group to benefit from the scheme.

The trees hold cardboard ‘tokens’ for £1, £2 or £5 that can be taken to the checkout and the amount added to the shopping total.

Unlike most fundraising schemes at this time of year the money won’t go to the charity until after Christmas – a time when many charities struggle due to reduced donations after the Christmas period when people are feeling the pinch a bit more than usual.

Crossroads foodbank in Meltham is the organisation chosen by Rachael, which is run from the Old Town Hall on Huddersfield Road, Meltham.

As well as the Giving Tree, the store has a collection box for gifts people would like to donate. Items for children and adults are welcome and should be placed in the box unwrapped, which will enable Rachael and her colleagues to ensure they go to the most suitable recipients. These will be distributed in the community before Christmas to those who live alone or might otherwise not receive a gift this year.

At Huddersfield Times we are consistently blown away by the generosity of the people of Huddersfield and their eagerness to help those less fortunate. We’ll be bringing you more stories of festive giving in the runup to Christmas!

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