Making good things happen with Morrisons Meltham

Morrisons are on a mission to ‘Make Good Things Happen’ with their new initiative launching today.  Rachael Chadwick, Community Champion at Huddersfield’s Meltham store, got in touch to tell us about it.

“It’s about looking towards a brighter future, and bringing sunshine to people’s lives,” said Rachael.  Starting today (Monday April 12th), stores will be handing out sunflower seeds to customers, as well as distributing them to community groups, schools and nursing homes.  The aim is to plant the seeds to have something to look forward to, as the plant grows and eventually opens into a beautiful sunflower, and let’s not forget that the bees absolutely love them!

‘Seeds of Hope’ poster

‘Seeds of Hope’ is the first in a series of weekly focuses in order to ‘Make Good Things Happen’ – the following week will be ‘Messages of Hope’ where stores will distribute a thousand postcards for children to colour and add messages to.

All Community Champions have been asked to nominate a ‘Little Sunshine’ in their community, a child who has stood out as doing something selfless for others.  Rachael knows who her Little Sunshine is…but her lips are sealed for now.

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