Local supermarket acts to clear fly-tipping hotspot

A local supermarket has taken action to help clear litter and fly-tipping from the banks of a nearby canal.

Morrisons in Waterloo acted swiftly to clear the mess following a report from a local resident Philip Smith. He contacted the supermarket to ask them to address the issue.

The supermarket quickly arranged and paid for the area to be cleared of rubbish. They also discovered that individuals, via a broken fence, were cascading rubbish and bulky items (including a settee) down onto the canal path. Morrisons told Huddersfield Times that they will be raising the height of the fence to prevent people from accessing the canal to dump their rubbish, as well as increasing signage and utilising their CCTV cameras to catch the perpetrators.

The resident who first alerted Morrisons to the issue took to social media to express his thanks to the store for acting so quickly.

Images from the area prior to cleaning.

Speaking to Huddersfield Times Philip said “I want to applaud Morrisons for their public spirit, for listening to concerns and doing something about. I think it is fabulous. I would encourage other local establishments nearby to do the same.”

Morrisons manager Matthew Smith told us “It’s our duty of care to look after customers and surrounding areas of the store. In this instance, we acted quickly, and the site was cleared within the week.”

Community Champion for the Waterloo Store, Debbie Creaser said “We take great pride in our work and our local community. We encourage anyone with such issues relating to our store to get in touch with us directly.”

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