Latest Covid-19 figures show cautious positivity

More than 197,000 people in Kirklees have now had at least their first Covid-19 vaccine dose and our infection rate has dropped by 25 per cent in the last week. We’re urging everyone to remain cautious, with a number of restrictions now lifted, so we can continue to make progress and follow the roadmap out of lockdown.

With 58 per 100,000 people in Kirklees testing positive for COVID-19 over the last seven days, the borough’s rate has dropped by 25 per cent since last week. However, Kirklees’ rate remains above the national average of 23 per 100,000 and needs to drop further and faster.

There were 257 new confirmed positive cases in the last week in Kirklees – fewer than last week when there were 330.

More than 197,000 local people have now had at least their first Covid-19 vaccine dose, with 71,000 having two doses. Anyone aged 45 and over in Kirklees can book their vaccination now.

There are currently 16 inpatients in local hospitals being treated for Covid-19 – the same number as last week. There was one death related to Covid-19 in local hospitals in the last week – which is up from zero the previous week.

The advice is to very much continue to follow social distancing rules as well as encouraging as many people to accept the vaccinations as they become eligible. Everyone is now able to receive Covid-19 home testing kits. As part of a pilot scheme by Kirklees Council, one-day mobile collection points are being made available across the borough for those who do not have access to online services.

On Monday, residents near Sheepridge will be able to collect home testing kits from the Chestnut Centre between 1pm and 5pm.

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