Last week of May, we’re coming for you.

What a week it’s been.  Blue sky as far as the eye can see, warm enough to leave your cardi at home, and not a drop of rain.

That is, if you were on the south coast of Italy.

Closer to home we’ve had the usual mishmash of precipitation, ranging from light drizzle, a smattering of BFR (Big Fat Rain, to the uninitiated) and even a dusting of sleet.  Sleet! In May!  Though I’m sure if you ask an elderly relative, they’ll tell you of the year when they were a lad, that there was 10ft of snow in June.  Of course they had to walk to school in it, 5 miles uphill each way, whilst being thoroughly beaten.

Whilst I do keep seeing/hearing the rest of May’s weather being written off as ‘a bit 💩’, I disagree with the consensus.  Yes, I, with my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to meteorology, archeology and gastroenterology, am standing firm against the masses.

I hereby declare that next week, the final week of May, will in fact be OK.

For a start, the temperature is going to be creeping up bit by bit.  Before you know it, Jonathan will have his mankini on and you’ll be wondering when it got so warm.  You might get a bit damp early on in the week, or later in the week if mankinis are your cup of tea.   

Most days it’ll start off bright, changing to cloud by lunchtime.  So you’ll have to be an early bird if you want to start working on your tan before your trip to a Green List country – Iceland, anyone?

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