Kirklees Council receives highest ever response to waste consultation

Kirklees Council have announced that it will be preparing a report to the Cabinet in relation to feedback about the current Waste Recycling provision.

Last year Kirklees Council began examining its waste strategy as part of its commitment to tackling the Climate Emergency. Over 7,000 residents completed the survey to give their views on how recycling and waste are dealt with across Kirklees, which was the largest response the council have ever received for consultation.

The survey covered all areas of waste across the borough, from assessing the current provision to reviewing possible changes to the service. The council will now use the responses to inform future changes to how they collect and dispose of waste.

According to responses received, the items residents would most like to be able to recycle from home are glass, additional plastics, and food waste. The desire to have additional recycling facilities at home is supported further as around 80 per cent of residents are in favour of a kerbside glass and food collection.

Both an extra bin for glass and the option for a glass caddy inside the bin had support, the survey also highlighted some areas where residents had concerns.

Councillor Naheed Mather, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said:

“Our vision is a clean, green, sustainable future for Kirklees with zero waste to landfill. With 91% of residents agreeing that the way we collect and process waste should be the way that best minimises our impact on the climate, it is clear you share our vision too.”

 “In the coming months we will be speaking to our current waste provider SUEZ, about how they can help us deliver residents’ ambitions which we’ll set out in our new waste strategy.”

“We are very grateful to the 7,212 residents who took the time to have their say about waste across Kirklees, your comments will be taken on board. Your feedback will help to shape our future waste strategy and help us to tackle the climate emergency.”

Councillor Paul Davies, Cabinet Member for Greener Kirklees, said:

“Thank you to everyone who took part in our waste strategy engagement. Your feedback is essential to making sure any changes we make to our waste strategy reflect what you want.”

“We know that many of you are keen to be able to recycle more at the kerbside but the reduction of waste is just as important. To help residents reduce what they throw away, we will be launching online food waste workshops and providing reuse opportunities at HWRCs by trialling a new reuse shop in Huddersfield.”

The council will now complete a detailed assessment on the responses before preparing a report for Cabinet approval on the next stages.

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