It’s Our Birthday! Huddersfield Times celebrates its 1st Birthday!

December 12th 2020.

That was the day when us at Huddersfield Times published our first story! And that means today, Huddersfield Times is ONE YEAR OLD!

As with most births, it didn’t all start at that moment – there was some fooling around beforehand.

Observe Exhibit A: the Facebook post that set the whole thing off. Jonathan, a bright young lad on furlough from his job, aired his frustrations regarding local news and found them mirrored by many. Kimberley, a less-young lady bored out of her mind whilst recovering from covid, was one such person.

When you make the decision to leap head-first into creating a local newspaper it’s important to have certain skills, including but not limited to copy-writing, social media management, editorial and proofreading experience, people-management, web design, and let’s not forget the basics of setting up and operating a business.

We had none of these. Did we let that stop us? No. We still remember one particular comment on one of our first posts about doing all this – “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Wise words, duly ignored. We didn’t have time to plan, we had stories to write.

Did we have any concept of how much time this was going to take from our lives? Also no. We’ve spent more time talking to each other in the last 12 months than our significant others, friends and families combined. We didn’t know each other before all this, never met, never crossed paths. Discovering that you can set up a business (and a business bank account) with a person you’ve never met was quite an eye-opener!

In all honesty it hasn’t been easy. But has it been worth it? Yes! Absolutely yes.

A big part of that is because of you lot. The support we’ve had from our readers has been incredible. The opportunities we have to find out about (and share) the amazing things so many of you do is what keeps us going. We genuinely love promoting and supporting local businesses, and getting out to speak to business owners on ‘reopening day’ in April was a pleasure.

And then there’s our contributors, who supply us with great content from a range of subjects to share with you all, just because they want to. We appreciate you so much!

The best bit of our first year is something we both agree on – The Great Huddersfield Cleanup. Over 80 people showed up across the May Bank Holiday weekend to pick up litter and make Huddersfield cleaner and tidier for all. There may have even been tears on the Sunday morning on Leeds Road when so many people arrived to help out – but you’ll have to guess which of us was doing the sniffling.

Tomorrow we start Year Two. What will it bring? More positive stories. More upbeat news. More businesses under our Small Business Spotlight. More trying to juggle Huddersfield Times with jobs, families, hobbies, lives and other commitments. More making it up as we go along.

So we can’t tell you exactly what you’ll be seeing from us. But we can promise one thing.

We’ll always do our best for you, and for Huddersfield.

Thank you.Jonathan and Kimberley

P.S. if you feel like being part of Team HT, click here and get in touch! The more the merrier ☺️

Exhibit A: Huddersfield Times was born!

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