Is That Santa Running Through Colne Valley?

By Rob Horne

If you have spotted Santa running through Slaithwaite around teatime, don’t worry, he’s real… well, almost.

The crimson suited figure isn’t just your imagination, but he’s not quite from the North Pole either.

Slaithwaite’s James Carter has taken on a sponsored running challenge and is asking the community for help.  His challenge is to run 250 kilometres spread throughout the days ‘running up’ to Christmas.  His aim was to raise £1100 and this has already been smashed. The money raised will go to Slaithwaite Mutual Aid Food Bank. 

James said “when my son Ben gave me the idea, I didn’t realise how hard it would be running 10km a day covered in lights with a Bluetooth speaker, dressed as Santa.  Believe me my body is reminding me every day”  adding his thanks to Aaron of AVL Fitness in Slaithwaite for helping with motivation, pushing him through the pain and even stepping in to do a few of the runs when the help was needed. 

The current stats are that James, with the help from friend Aaron, has run 190 of the 250km and the money already in the pot is £1915.  This is where you can help without running anywhere or donning that red St Nick suit!  Donations are on Go Fund Me, so can be anonymous or named, and can be any amount you are able to spare, every £1 helps

Details of the Food Bank are here 

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