If you like your comedy full of beans, get booking for The Bean Spillers

When was the last time you went to the theatre and discovered that the cast didn’t know their lines? It’s painfully awkward all round, particularly for the poor guy standing in the limelight wishing the stage would open up and swallow him.

Now imagine doing that night after night, from theatre to theatre, showing up not knowing what is going to happen that evening. A bit daunting, one might think! But Alex Prescot and Sam Cochrane set an entire show around not knowing what they would be saying until they got there.

That’s because the aforementioned chaps are The Bean Spillers.

As the name implies, they spill the beans. Only metaphorical beans, of course, nobody wants to watch two grown men empty cans of Heinz all over the stage/themselves/each other/the audience – though it does sound like something Tracey Emin could be working on.

The show, created by Gigglemug Theatre, is centred on one particular thing…gossip. The audience’s gossip, to be precise. Awkward anecdotes, family feuds, salacious secrets, they want them all. They take this gossip and mix it up with a hefty portion of improvisational comedy genius, lashings of quick thinking, and a mountain of musical theatre. The result? A hilarious, witty, musical masterpiece of a show that is guaranteed to be different from one night to the next.

The Bean Spillers has gone down a storm with the reviewers and critics, with Chortle calling it a ‘Slick, fun and frivolous show’, and The Indiependent stating; ‘I realised halfway through that I was enjoying myself so much I had entirely forgotten that this was three real people, making this up and working hard to pick up each other’s plot lines. Improv is difficult, and the Bean Spillers make it look like playtime’.

Sam and Alex will be stopping off at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield this coming Saturday evening, having performed at a number of Fringe festivals across the country over the summer including Brighton Fringe and Camden Fringe. “We can’t wait to perform at the LBT for one night only, and to hear what saucy gossip a Huddersfield audience has to offer!”, said Alex. In fact, the boys are so enthused about coming to Huddersfield (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t be), that they very kindly put together a video about their upcoming show!

Since their inception in 2018, Gigglemug have aimed to leave their audiences ‘grinning for the rest of the day’, and say they are ‘serious about being silly’. Other Gigglemug members join Sam and Alex on their travels, with them often having a different special guest for each show. On Saturday Susan Harrison is the guest of honour, bringing with her a wealth of improv experience having toured with Olivier Award-winning improvisers The Showstoppers.

So if you want a guaranteed laugh at the weekend and want to see if The Bean Spillers are as good as critics say, head along this page to purchase your tickets, right now. Go on. Off you go.

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