Huddersfield shoppers top the charts when it comes to supporting reopening businesses!

There’s a lot that people can say about Huddersfield-folk. Stubborn, yes. Opinionated (particularly when it comes to hills with castles on), yes. Tight with their brass? Well, maybe not.

Top 10 Footfall and Spend from the Centre for Cities High Street Recovery Analysis

A ‘High street recovery tracker’ from Centre for Cities, an independent research organisation, has shown that the townspeople of Huddersfield really do know how to put their hands in their pockets when the time is right.

Towns and cities are listed in order of their Spend Index number. This number isn’t merely an indication of how much dosh people are spending on average, but takes into account other factors like how long it takes a person to make a decision to purchase – known as ‘dilly-dallying’, round these parts.

Huddersfield stands proudly at the top of the list with a spend index of 119, with Basildon, Birkenhead, Blackburn and Mansfield all coming in with 117. Interesting, Huddersfield doesn’t appear on the Top 10 Footfall chart at all, which might suggest that those shoppers you see out and about on the high street are willing to part with more cash than you might expect.

Shops, businesses, bars and cafes pulled out all the stops to open with a bang on April 17th and it’s fantastic to see their efforts bearing fruit. Initiatives put in place from Kirklees Council, Huddersfield BID and Huddersfield Live have seen the town centre become a bustling hive of activity, and not just at weekends or on Huddersfield BID’s ‘Super Saturdays’ when performers and artists are in town to liven things up.

With more businesses able to open for indoor eating and drinking from the coming Monday, Huddersfield is looking in a really good position to smash the competition once more!

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