Huddersfield Residents Campaign Against Bus Changes

Residents in Huddersfield are campaigning against upcoming changes to their bus service that will reduce the frequency of buses along the route. 

Last week, it was announced on the Yorkshire Tiger Website that they will no longer be running the 262 bus service that currently runs from Huddersfield to Brighouse via Dalton and Kirkheaton. Instead, it will be replaced by extending the Arriva 261 service (which currently runs from Cleckheaton to Mirfield) along the existing 262 route.

The changes mean that residents in Kirkheaton will have an hourly service during the week and 2- hourly on a Sunday, which equates to only 4 buses each way during the whole day. Campaigners are also concerned that traffic build-up along the new route will result in buses becoming late or not turning up. 

An online petition that was set up has quickly gained over 200 signatures and campaigners have also urged residents to contact Arriva and Metro with their concerns. The residents are no stranger to bus campaigns after fighting and winning against proposed changes to their evening services back in 2012. 

Holly Allen, who is one of those actively involved in the campaign said “As a disabled person I rely heavily on buses. With only one an hour it’s going to be very disruptive for me to get to where I need to be – especially if it’s unreliable.”

Huddersfield Times contacted Yorkshire Tiger, parent company Arriva Yorkshire and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (Metro) for comment. 

In a statement Arriva told us “We’re currently reviewing all service & timetable provision across our UK Bus operations (including in our Yorkshire region) as a result of the continued impact of COVID19 on passenger demand. The Yorkshire specific service changes are being implemented in line with DFT guidance for bus operators on current service levels and we’ve worked closely with them throughout the crisis regarding service levels. We’ll continue to review our services & timetables closely, we welcome customer feedback such as this and will consider points raised within future network reviews. Our priority, as a business, continues to be to ensuring the safety of both our customers & our staff whilst on board our buses.”

A West Yorkshire Combined Authority spokesperson said:“The bus service between Huddersfield and Kirkheaton is operated on a commercial basis, and Yorkshire Tiger/Arriva Yorkshire have made the commercial decision to reduce the service. We have not withdrawn funding on this route and are disappointed by Yorkshire Tiger’s decision to reduce the frequency of this service. We will continue to make the case for a more frequent commercial service on this route.”

The petition is available to view and sign at and residents can view the timetable changes at

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