Huddersfield pupil marks the end of cancer treatment with a school fundraising event

A pupil from a Huddersfield school who has reached the end of his cancer treatment regime celebrated with a day-long school event to mark the occasion.

Albie, 7, who is a pupil at  Luck Lane Primary Academy in Paddock held a special fundraising event for the whole school to join in with to mark the end of his chemotherapy treatment.

It was decided by Albie and the School Council that the school should have a ‘Break the Rules Day’ on Friday 12th March. The day started off with Albie ringing the school bell throughout the corridors and all the children making as much noise as possible. Albie said, “I’m most looking forward to having my pudding before my lunch on Break the Rules Day!”. 

The school was only too keen to do some fundraising for Candlelighters charity as Albie and his family had benefited so much from their work during the 4 years of treatment. 

Albie, pictured with class teacher Ben Modeste (left) and head-teacher Jo Jenkinson (right)

Established in 1976, Candlelighters is a charity formed and run by parents of children who have or have had cancer, ex-patients and the medical staff who treat them. Based in Yorkshire, Candlelighters provides essential services and support to children with cancer and their families. 

The school has raised over £317 for holding the ‘Break the Rules Day’ and would like to thank the parents / carers and the community for all their generous donations.

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