Huddersfield Potter Takes Part in TV Competition

A home-based potter from Huddersfield is putting his skills to the test by taking part in the latest series of The Great Pottery Throw Down on Channel 4. In his spare time, Lee (45), who has been a dedicated community nurse for over 20 years, describes himself as a ‘serial hobbyist’.

Having previously enjoyed various creative activities such as crochet, needle felting and painting, Lee discovered pottery and started learning the basics from an acquaintance nearby. Since then, he has made up for lost time, quickly gaining and developing his skill. His motivation for applying for the show was a desire to meet like-minded individuals. During the show, the potters are set a number of tasks testing their skills (and patience) at the wheel and with different techniques with one person leaving the competition each week until they crown the final Top Potter. 

Having wowed the judges with his Cheesy Bees creation last week, the next episode is all about bricks and mortar as the eleven remaining potters slab-build a 3D building. You can visit’s Lee’s page on Facebook at The Great Pottery Throw Down continues Sunday at 19:45 on Channel 4.

Huddersfield Times wishes Lee the best of luck!

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