Huddersfield gym owner leads the way with COVID-safe touchpoints

A Huddersfield gym owner who has been providing online health and fitness workouts during lockdown has also teamed up with a Rochdale company to provide industry leading COVID-safe touchpoints across his gym when it reopens.

Ben Bamforth from Holmfirth has owned The Unit Fitness in Honley for nearly 6 years, and in that time has worked hard to make the gym a friendly and inviting venue where members feel welcome and comfortable.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused, in some cases, irreparable  damage to local businesses which has meant, sadly, some venues have had to permanently close their doors.

Ben was fortunate that his determination, and investment of time and money, paid off – short online home workouts and Q&A sessions enabled him to survive lockdown. As well as posting videos on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, there also lots of Q&A sessions and follow-up videos tailored to the feedback received.

Speaking exclusively to Huddersfield Times, Ben told us “A lot of people struggle with home workouts, so I’ve tried to tailor them to their needs to help them as much as possible”. Reflecting on his own experiences he said “It’s my passion, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the motivation I received when I was younger”.

Like most local businesses, Ben and his team are looking forward to being able to reopen their gym when restrictions allow, but he was keen to add additional safety measures to maintain hygiene and reassure his returning members. 

They teamed up with a local manufacturing company in Rochdale who are producing ‘TouchPoint’ stickers. The stickers are placed on touchpoints such as door handles and handrails.  They provide a high level of protection against bacteria and viruses, and have been tested against Covid-19. They have a shelf life of between 12 to 18 months before they need replacing. 

Ben, who describes himself as an ‘obsessive cleaner’ has also provided more than 15 hand sanitiser stations around the gym ready for when they reopen, as well as further increasing the cleaning schedule. He hopes that by taking these additional steps, his returning members will be re-assured of their safety whilst at the club. 

You can find more information about the The Unit Fitness by visiting their Facebook page at, Instagram at, or by visiting the website at

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