Huddersfield businessman launches glamping game-changer

A local businessman has developed software which will be a game-changer for the glamping industry.

Misha Cunningham has spent the last 12 months working on Glamcompare, a comparison website which will simplify setting up a glamping business.

The first of its kind in the UK, Mr Cunningham believes the unique web app provides the missing link for anyone considering starting a glamping venture.

Glamcompare will be based in Huddersfield, with another office in Edinburgh, with the aim of determining the best pod options on the market depending on client specifications. From the external build to interior finishings and heating preferences, Glamcompare will recommend the best units available, helping smooth the process prior to site design.

“We’re here to help people source the ideal glamping unit,” said Glamcompare’s chief technical director Mr Cunningham. “More and more people are expressing interest in glamping as a secondary source of income but there is a lot of information to digest for people who are not industry experts. We want to simplify that process to help people and encourage them to go into business.

“Part of the problem with choosing glamping units is that it’s difficult to know exactly what options are available. We have recognised the need for more guidance in this area, and have spent over a year developing a solution.

“The app takes all the details, compares compatibility and will work out how much money will be required to set up and project what kind of income can be expected. We’ll then be their concierge service, introducing them to manufacturers, giving them free advice on how to set up their site.

“There is nobody out there at the moment helping buyers so the process of deciding on a glamping unit is quite daunting if you’re not clued up on the subject. People would have to go to a glamping show or search the internet to get some ideas but we have brought together various options to make life easier. This platform puts the buyer in control, whereby they tell us about their project and we find them options via our listings. They then compare and explore what suits them best.”

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