HTFC take part in social media boycott to stop online abuse

Huddersfield Town joined in with the organised social media blackout this weekend in a bid to raise awareness and put pressure on social media companies to stop online abuse.

HTFC, along with the Women’s team, other members of the EFL, English Football and wider sports came together to take part in the boycott from 30th April until 03rd May across all of their social media channels.

Poster uploaded to HTFC’s social media platforms prior to the boycott. Credit: Huddersfield Town

The objective of the boycott was to raise awareness of the online abuse received by footballers and others involved with the game that largely goes without any proper consequences. Those taking part are asking social media companies to do more to eradicate the issue as well as being more accountable for the abuse that occurs on their platforms. They are also asking the Government to ensure that their Online Safety Bill contains ‘strong legislation’ to ensure that companies become more accountable for what is posted by their users.

In a post on the HTFC website, it read “Following proposals from EFL clubs earlier this month, Huddersfield Town, the EFL and the wider game as a collective wants to demonstrate our collective anger at the constant abuse on social media received by footballers and people in the game, as well as others across the world, which goes without any real-world consequences for perpetrators.”

They added “We know that a boycott alone will not eradicate the scourge of online discriminatory abuse, which is why we will continue to take proactive steps to call for change. We will not stop challenging social media companies until we see enough progress.”

The initiative was generally well received online with users praising clubs for raising awareness of online abuse.

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