How to join in with The Great Huddersfield Cleanup!

Join the Facebook event HERE (don’t forget to click ‘Going’)
Send us a message via our webform HERE.
Whichever you do, it’d be really handy if you can also fill in our Google form HERE for availability, media consent, safety info etc.

Did you know that litter-picking is actually good for you?

  1. It’s good exercise
  2. You’re out in the fresh air
  3. You’re getting vitamin D from the sun (hopefully)
  4. You get to meet new people
  5. You’re doing something good, and should feel proud!

    **don’t forget to fill in our webform HERE.

The Great Huddersfield Cleanup is getting close! (19.5.21)

It’s suddenly gone from seeming like the next Bank Holiday weekend was absolutely ages away, to feeling worryingly close!

Fear not, we are here with more information and the like.

The Plan of Action for the weekend is as follows:

Sat AM – 9.30am- 12ish St John’s Road/Ringway Ind Est. Meet by Harold Wilson statue.
Sat PM – 2pm – 4.30pmish Manchester Rd – meet by fire station to go down Outcote Bank

Sun AM – 9.30am – 12ish Leeds Rd/Canal – meet at bridge by Yorkshire Rose – split off towards town and other way
Sun PM – 1.30-4ish – Bradford Road – meet in carpark at side of Halfords

Monday – Either… a tour round the outside edge of town/ring road (if there’s interest)Or … people could join in by doing a small local litter-pick and sharing their pics with us! There will also be ‘satellite’ litter-picks happening around the stadium (courtesy or HTSA) and Camira Meltham factory carpark (Saturday 9.30am onwards).

We have a Google Form to fill in for attendees, please check it out.

Check out the event page on Facebook here.

Get involved with The Great Huddersfield Cleanup! (20.4.21)

Huddersfield is lucky to be full of groups of dedicated people who put time and effort into making it a nicer place to be for all of us.

We have launched The Great Huddersfield Cleanup, and we’re asking for your help!

Supported by Kirklees (and open to support from local businesses), we aim to bring together community groups across Huddersfield for a massive combined effort over the end of May Bank Holiday to clean and tidy key areas on the approach to the town centre.

Keep up to date and let us know you’re interested on our Facebook Event page here, or if you don’t ‘do’ Facebook, contact us.

Please share to any groups that you think could get involved!

“I said “Somebody should do something about that.” Then I realized I am somebody.”

-Lily Tomlin

So far we have support from:
Huddersfield BID

Friends of Norman Park

Camira Fabrics Ltd

Huddersfield Town Supporters Association (HTSA)

Huddersfield Litter Busters

Blackrock Workwear

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