Funding will help support some of our community’s most vulnerable this winter

Winter woolies are among the things that the money can be used for.

Kirklees Council will receive just over £3.7m of government funding to support the district’s most vulnerable residents.  In the cabinet meeting on 16th November, decisions were made on how this funding will be used.

Aimed at supporting households who are most struggling with payments for food, energy and water bills, as well as other essential costs, this funding is now being made available to some of Kirklees’ most vulnerable residents.

The decisions made at cabinet were on how the council can use this funding to support as many families and individuals as possible, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Potential support provided
Because many of Kirklees’ most vulnerable households struggle with a wide range of difficulties, there will also be a wide range of potential support to meet differing needs.

The fund is primarily for support with food.  This may be in the form of food, vouchers, or cash.  The council is working with partners including schools, colleges and food banks to help ensure that no one goes hungry this winter.

Food parcels can be given to those struggling with the cost of eating.

For families who qualify for means-tested Free School Meals, part of this funding has already been allocated to provide additional financial support for the December and February school holidays, benefitting more than 16,500 children across Kirklees. 

Financial support will be available for utility bills, this includes any form of fuel, and water bills.  This will be particularly crucial to help people stay warm during the upcoming winter months.

The funding can also be used to support with essential costs linked to energy and water, including boiler repairs, warm clothing and blankets, as well as soap and sanitary products, and the purchase of equipment like fridges, freezers or ovens.

Wider essentials like broadband or phone bills, clothing, and essential transport costs like repairing a car, buying a bicycle or paying for fuel could also be covered.

Accessing support
This support will be available through existing support channels – primarily the council’s Local Welfare Provision scheme.  The council works closely with many partners across Kirklees who will also be able to provide referrals and signposting for this support.

The council will make decisions by looking at individual cases to identify those most in need and determine what type of support should be provided.

Some of this funding has also been provided to local organisations to help deliver community-based support. The funding will run until the end of March 2022.

Councillor Paul Davies, Cabinet Member for Welfare & Exchequer, says: “It’s vital that we use this funding to support as many people as possible, as effectively as possible.  The Household Support Fund is about seeing our most vulnerable residents through an incredibly tough time, and in circumstances like this, we need to look at a breadth of support mechanisms.

“That’s why we won’t be providing one-size-fits-all support, and why we won’t be focusing this support on any particular group or community.  Instead, we will look at how we can provide effective funding to as many of our citizens that are in need this coming winter period.”

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