Food waste workshops return in Kirklees

Kirklees Council have announced that they are bringing back their ‘Save Food Save Money’ workshops to help give residents the tools they need to reduce their food waste.

Reducing food waste plays a major part in the Council’s plans to tackle the climate emergency. In addition to having a positive impact on climate change, it also helps to save money in the process.

According to a recent study, around 36 per cent of the average Kirklees grey bin is food waste, most of which could have been eaten. When surveyed, over 1,000 residents said that they wanted to reduce the amount of food thrown away and were interested in workshops to learn more.

The workshops, designed to help participants prevent unnecessary food waste, are led by local community food worker Bev. The three themed, one-hour workshops will consist of top tips to help reduce food waste, as well as a cooking demonstration. 

There will also be plenty of ways for participants to get involved including food quizzes and opportunities to ask questions. Participants will also be provided with helpful resources and pointers to further learning.

Unlike the previous workshops in 2018, these will initially be held online; with the view of running them again in-person when it is safe to do so.

Colin Parr, Strategic Director for Environment and Climate Change, said:

“We are pleased to announce that our Save Money Save Food workshops are back. These workshops have been popular in the past and our waste engagement survey last year showed there is still an appetite for them.

“Running the sessions online has presented some challenges, however hosting the workshops this way will hopefully help us to reach more residents across the borough and enable more people to take part. Each session will be repeated and run at different times of the day to make them as accessible as possible.”

To view a list of dates and to book visit

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